Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Today was supposed to be the release of my final semester result.... but they are not out!

"This is due to a dispute between Australia's National Tertiary Education Union and the university. The union has banned its members at RMIT University from releasing examination results after failing to agree on a deal regarding employment terms and salaries of academic staff. There are about 6,000 students in Singapore enrolled under the SIM-RMIT programme.The ban is expected to affect first and second year students but final year students are unlikely to be affected. "
But why am i affected?! ): Feeling super screwed up although i wished i dont have to face my results, the fear of failing and retaking a module.... Then now what? All i have to do is wait? :/ Now I dunno if im graduating or not and its super frustrating
On a side note, last weekend was my parent's wedding anniversary! My dad suggested we go a mini hike/walk!

The slope was really steep! See even my mum knows this! HAHA!

HAHA! forced by me to do it!

my dad knows how to photobomb too! haha!

i was trying to take picture of the bridge but my dad photobomb again!

We did it! We walked almost 4km, not far! but the thing is i woke up at 6am in the morning just to do this!

That sums up my little adventure over the weekend last week!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Brisbane - Gold Coast 2013

So if you know or dont know, i had a short getaway trip to Gold Coast with becky! If you dunno where it is, its in Brisbane, somewhere in Australia! I decided to do a video this time for our trip! Got influenced by Desiree! But im quite bad at it lah, my songs transition sucks!! But well well its my first try, so here it is!

Anyways here are some pictures!

My buys from harbour town which is all less than 10bucks!
on the plane back! such a beauty!
Love how stress free the trip is cause becks settle most of the things, the plane, the hotel, the transport, what i need to worry is maybe food? Thumbs up! Kudos! So basically, this sums up this short trip! 

Just two more pictures before i end this post!

Outfit on eve of vesak day

I need to sleep now, got to work tml at Expo, which is the other end of where i stay. D;  sighhhh...June will be a very busy month for me. Gonna chiong for money, for awards! Positive thoughts, positive thoughts!

Over and out!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


This space have been dead for sooooo longgggg~

I didnt have the time to be at my computer most of the time to think of anything i wanna blog about. And instagram had made blogging not that interesting for me anymore. My mundane life has nothing interesting. But im gonna make this space interesting with my mundane life! LOL I hope with my new EX2F i can keep this space alive all over again! hahahhahahaha!

As you all know, Mr Ivan and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary at Taiwan! "WELCOME TO TAIWAN!" Its my second time there and his first time! We both love that place really much! The people, the food, the weather, everything!

Its gonna be a picture heavy post which i hope i can finish by today! 
Took the flight at 1am, touch down at 6am in the morning
 Day 1
one of our fav breakfast stall!
Hashbrown is freaking awesome! 
sooooo YUMMY! I LIKE! 

I just had to do this!
 It was about 14 degrees when we touched down! Explains the misty Taipei 101!

We were very good taking trains and finding our way! We planned the trip together making sure we can find our way! I guessed we did save alot of time! SOOOO! Thumbs Up to good planning!

What was sold in 7-11! 猪血糕! but i didnt really liked it! Dunno why 小S love it so much! LOL

I took some time to check out the hotel around 西门町 and found this small little boutique hotel!
二十轮 Swiio Hotel!  
The reception counter
The lobby!

In the night we headed to Shida Night Market! One of our favorite night market of all!

we ended up with supper. His

 Day 2

so cranky cause we are hungry! 

we both didnt really like it. Singapore sells yummier ones. 

BBT is a must!
Ham.Egg.Mayo perfecto

 Headed to the museum! I love the history! Reason why i love to watch 后宫shows!

Freaking excited for Hello Kitty Sweets! Thou i know the food is gonna be disappointing! 


Famous SOGO Departmental Stores 

i was crazily looking for this! OMG my FAVORITE! I WISH I COULD HAVE THEM IN SG!

Told you i loved it! HAHA! In the night we took the high speed rail to 基隆, one of the many night markets that we are looking forward to. 


 But to our dismay, it was small and just not yummy at all! SG butter crabs are soooo much better! We were super disappointed!

i was excited that i get to play this!

Mr Policeman
What a marksman can do! YAY! 
I was amazed to their way of prawning! Using a hook without any bait! 
Knew they have it in SG alr! but they have tons of different flavors! Not like SG only the very SPICY one. BOOOO!
Day 3

We made our way to Chrome Hearts! 

After that we headed to WUFENPU, but i didnt like it there. Nothing much and things were really expensive if you just buy in small quantity!

In the night Raohe night market! One of the busiest and crowded night market ever!

one of ivan's fav!

weird how they name their shop! LOL

cute little one!
Day 4

My obsession over at taiwan! I wanted to play all the claw machine! we managed to catch one!
look very upset cause i hung it on his bag! LOL!

We headed to find the "Believe it or not" mini museum

Lots of interesting things there! worth a visit!
Walking along the streets we found an artist drawing portraits  we have been procrastinating since day 1 that we wanted to have us drawn. 

we dont look happy/smiley in the picture cause we were both wondering how the picture turn out to be like! and he drew our worried face! LOL
Shilin Night Market in the night and oh... it was pouring! BOOO~

it was so tiny it could fit into the boots! OMG!
I was happy with my buys in Shilin cause i got quite alot of cheap and good loots!

Shaved ice is a MUST! YUMMY!

Our last day breakfast! He had 2 bowls of that!

We will definitely be back for more! Taiwan trip is our first trip away after being together for 4 years! But im sure there will be more in years to come! (Y)